Experiment 02 – Continuity / Scene to scene editing

26th February – After a few weeks of shooting, there are about 70 frame left left to shoot. No doubt, we do faced a lot of problems such as the weather and the sunlight. The sunlight & time were our worst enemy ever during the on set filming period. Not only it delayed our progress, we have to re-shoot some scene due to the colour mood & the lighting keep changes. It affect us so much is because most of our shoots are depending on practical lighting and outdoor sunlight.
I have selected some sequences from the short film that I am currently working on, to try out some scene to scene cutting & continuity editing experiment.

Experiment 01 – Doggicam / Third person view

23th February – The results of my try out was not too bad but if only I have sufficient equipment, not just a tripod, i could have achieve a better results for my experiment. What I did was, I used a light tripod, grab and hold it at my abdomen, then mount my DSLR about 2 feet away, using my face as tracking spot.

I used the same technique to film that third person view sequences, but the only thing is, I have to place the tripod slightly towards the left / right hand side so that myself could be position at the side of the frame.

Things to Tryout

20th February – Other than working on my short film project, I was curious and interested with a very playful filming method which is called the Doggicam. It is a technique which the camera is tracking the camera operator’s point of view or the operator himself/ herself/ itself. Doggicam technique can be used to track on a movie object as well to see from their point of view which is similar with the usage of Go-pro cameras. To make doggicam works, a body-mount or any other method that could mount the camera with the operator’s body to track the operator. However, It is not necessary to mount the camera on the moving object in order to achieve the results.Sometimes, the operator can use a steady cam tripod to hand held track the moving object to achieve not exactly the same, but a similar results.

My main inspiration was from this Korean music video which they uses the doggicam & tracking technique to enhance the fun & playfulness of this music video. Below are some screenshots example that I have extracted from the music video.

For what I intend to do is using this fun technique and use it to create a third person view filming as well.

Production Period

9th February – After a week of shooting, things are going smoother and clearer. Although sometimes we are running out of time, but we always try to squeeze our filming timeline within 3 – 4 hours per day so that the actress wouldn’t be exhausted & stress. Image



10th February – For sometimes, our filming day are extended to 3 following days, Friday, Saturday &  Sunday, depending on the availability of our actress. During the production, we did encountered some major problems with the practical lighting & the sun light during the sunsets hour. Due to the lighting changes rapidly during the evening hour, some of our shots have an obvious changes in the surrounding lighting and affect our continuity, which makes us no choice but to re-shoot those particular scenes. 





8th February – Our production team finally starts filming. The main challenge of our filming group is to get all the actors & actress to gather at one place for 3 hours filming due to their tight time schedule


The image below shows the test framing of the conversation shot.




Pre -Production

3rd – February  .The next step we did is to call up a meeting with our actress and actors to find out their availability, their time schedule and their requirements or conditions. We also prepared a list of props that we will be needing for our filming.

schedule props

Getting Start

1st February – I have finally completed a full storyboard which contains of 150 frames. I’m not a professional story boarder, but I have tried to draw it based on the framing that I have visual and make it as similar as possible. Below each frame, there are also descriptions about what kind of shot should we use to film that particular shot. Anyway, the purpose of my storyboard is just to give us a rough guidance, while filming we might change the shots & framing if we have discovered a better way to frame the shot.
Storyboard_1    Storyboard_2     Storyboard_3    SB_4

Early Plans

25th January – The day we were given the brief of doing what we desire to in this module, I have decided to accept my friends request and form a small production team with him to shoot a short film as our practice of framing a shots & trying out editing with continuity, shots to shots or using simple panning or tracking in the shots. My main goal of filming this short film, it wasn’t about getting it done as fast as possible, but it to experience & practice more camera works, editing, shots compositions and continuity. I hope these practices can greatly enhance my cinematography skills as I were aiming to, during my fun time of this module.

The short film was called ( 依然。爱 ), ( Love, Always ), pronunciation is called ” Yi ran ai”. The story is about a couple, who used to be together until a car accident happened. Both of the suffered from amnesia and they have lost some parts of their memories. The most crucial part is our protagonist, Ya Jie, who had lost her memories of her boy friend, is now living with her brother at UK. Soon after she recovered from her injuries, Ya Jie met someone else and they are in a relationship, and eventually they are engaged.

Whereas her boy friend, Cheng Li, was going through a much tougher time as not only he was having amnesia, he also has dementia. He couldn’t recall anyone that he knew, neither living as a normal people any more. Undergo such circumstances, Ya Jie’s brother have no choice but to bare the responsibility to take care of him, hoping that he will recover from his conditions. However, Ya Jie’s brother never mentioned to her about their past, hoping that she is be able to start a new life with her new boy friend, but the fate of Ya Jie & Cheng Li never seems to end just like that.

As Ya Jie is slowly recovering her memories, she keep flashing back some fragments of memories that keep trying to remain her about Cheng Li’s existence & the memories she had with him. These flashbacks confuses her more, makes her wonder who is the guy that frequently appears in her dream. After a few struggles with her brain, she finally regain all her memories with Cheng Li and intend to set things right back to the way it was with Cheng Li.

After we have out main storyline, it is time we move on to the details of each scene, dialogue, story board & continuity planning.